hillsong 6 July – Youth ministry

Cast visions to empower my youths
Preach to youths at their level
Love people, love life and love church
My youths will plant seeds in my school
Encourage them to rise up
When they do, affirm and reward them
Love whoever that comes
Support the person and not the task
The object of the youth ministry is loving people
The behind scenes work and all is precious
If I have a tent of 10 people, do everything to love them

hillsong 4 July – Brian Houston

What is my glorious obsession and purpose?
What is my sense of purpose and drive?
2 Cor 9:2, 111 Cor 16 Psalm 100:2
My zeal has stirred up the majority
Live my life out of a purpose only heart
I know I am alive for a purpose
Jesus glorious obsession is to save and redeem me
Jesus was bored for a purpose – John 12:27
Jesus knew He was borned for this purpose
Difference between obligation and purpose?
Proverbs 20:6 looking for a different spirit – faithfulness

hillsong 4 July – Steven Furtick

Steve listens to elders and pastors since young, like Jesus in the temple
He listens to all kinds of sermons, both good and bad
All sizes of external attacks will not matter to the ones inside me
True ministry is birth up from the inside
Idea comes when I am in a relax mode
When God created the animals, Genesis was talking about naming them
Sometimes we take too much to brand that make it nice, worthwhile?
Process of staying tune in to the Spirit, collect them, run them through someone higher
Be bold, audacious and as long people are helped
Greatest compliment is that I can demand more from you
Jesus was unreasonably demanding but He was unreasonably loving to people
If I have the audacity to ask, God will answer it
Lets ask God for the things He can do – BIG THINGS!

hillsong 3 July – Joyce Meyer

Spiritual maturity
Where I start cannot be where I end up
Grace will meet me where I am at
It will never leave me where it found me
Hebrews 5:12 Need milk not solid food
Study the word I receive
When I get a teaching that speaks to me, I will regurgitate on it
James 4:4-5, Gal 3:1-3
You won’t go anywhere unless you wanna go somewhere

hillsong 3 July – My thoughts

Luke 18 and 19 tells me that the ruler was sorrowful to lose his riches but Zac was willing give up everything he has for Jesus
I like Luke 18:27 All things are possible with God
Do my youths know our church vision?
How do I carry the vision and ensure its passed on without losing quality?
Don’t wait for things to happen, work with what I have
Paul thorn in the flesh is to keep him for being proud
When I face critics, forward it to the Lord!