Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation of Jesus – Ps. Lian

God meant us to live a life of power
Something in me wants to live a powerful life
What is the key? Eph 1
Eph 1:15-21 Paul prayed that Lord Jesus Christ gives us the spirit of wisdom and revelation of Jesus
Spirit of wisdom and revelation. See Jesus!
My eyes will be enlightened, I will know my calling
I will know what to do and how to walk in my calling
I will know the riches of my glory in my inheritance
Wisdom, righteousness and favor is my inheritance
How do I respond to God blessings? Not familiarity
A revelation is when I hear and my heart responds
When my mind gets dusty, and when it is cleared, I see it
Knowledge is epiginosko is a participation in a thing known
So when I have a revelation,  Jesus is involved
John 8:32 indicates that I shall ginosko the truth, a general knowledge
By contrast, 1 Tim 4:3 speaks and believe and epiginosko the truth
The knowledge having led to belief, that fully unites the subject with the object
During healing of laying of hands, I see Jesus laying hands instead of me
I see Jesus in my situation, allow Jesus in my situation, power will flow
Walk in the power of Jesus. It’s not about me, it’s Jesus doing it
Holy spirit will teach me all things
I will know the hope of my calling
Everything that God does is through His word
Get His word!! Meditate His word, align my thoughts to His thoughts
Meditate is hagah. Hebrew word says grace transports grace
God is reminding afresh on meditation

1. Involve Jesus in my situation
2. Renew my mind, and remind myself
3. Restoration. Let God unleash His restoration to me

Joel 2:23-27 Word of season! Meditate on this!
Exodus 22:1,9

King Joash story
Joash means God has bestowed

Daily speaking forth:
1. Jesus is the high priest of my confession so I hit the mark every time
2. I am under grace. I can expect good even when I am in trouble of my own making
3. The blood of Jesus has cleansed me of all my sins, nothing stands in my way from receiving heaven’s best
4. I let go of every fear and attempt to depend on myself, and let supply flow into my area of need

Condemnation is removed

5 years ago mid week sermon
Season of evil day (singular) is short
But good days are plural, I will enjoy BESTEST days ahead
I will put on the armor of God during the evil day and I will be safe
Things and prayers can go wrong during stressful times
Power to resist is to know I’m not the only one
Other people are being attacked as well
Utilize the power of fellowship
Fear leads to stress, the deeper root is condemnation
Once I know my identity and beloved of most high
I will know what I’m doing and will dwell in His grace
Remove all the buttons (areas) I’m being attacked
Law was given to show man his sin, to condemn man
Law is the deeper root than sin
It’s also to let man come to end of himself so grace can come in
1 Cor 15:36 sting of death is sin, strength (root) of sin is law
Remove the law and it will remove the sting of sin
People who are attacked often have a sincere heart
The reason why I will feel condemn because I have a good heart
Romans 8:1 There is no condemnation for me in Christ Jesus
Rev 12:10-11 Accuser will accuse day and night
Cast him down and power of Christ, strength, salvation will come
They overcome him by the blood
Fear and stress can be felt, condemnation goes undetected
The attacker has no other weapon than condemnation
I have assurance of Romans 8:1. It is a gift from God to me
What I think (feel) of God is what will manifest in my life
I know God loves me, which gives me strength to love others
In order to be used by God mightily, be in a place of no condemnation
When God forgives and forget, I better too! Praise Jesus..

Goodness of God – Ps. Prince

Gold is still going up, not all time high yet
The word is not the experts but for the fishermens, tax collectors and least
Where is all goodness found? In His house
Goodness is like a shield for me, offense and defense (protection)
My faith must not be in visions or dreams, but be in the word
When we see bad things happening in the world, don’t be affected
True Holiness is love joy peace
Never judge my performance by my standing
Judge my performance by His finished work
I have the gift of righteousness, gives me internal external right standing
1 John 1:5-10
Romans 10:9 James 1:1Gal 2:9
Peter James John is for the Jewish people
Colnonia is fellowship
God is light and God is love
V6 the error is “if” we walk in the light
It is not about how we walk but where we walking
Behavior is important to only glorify Jesus
1 Thess 5:5 I am a son of light
John 8:7-12 Jesus wrote on stone to tell them that He gave the law
When people understand there is no condemnation, they will sin no more
The place of no condemnation is a place of light
The light shows the power of the sin remover
When believers don’t fellowship is because they feel they are not in light
Speak forth and be vulnerable to fellowship
1 John 1:9 is for believer. I believe it!
1 John 1:7 cleanse (present active indicative tenses)
God put me in waterfall of blood to cleanse my sins
Like a river of glorious hymn – Francis Abigail
When I know grace, it will make sin lesser
Metanoia is repentance, changing of mindset
Repenting of mind is always happening when we hear the word, truth
The LORD look at Peter first and forgive him first
We are loved and forgiven first
Blessings came first

God’s Goodness – Ps. Prince

John 1:14-17 Jesus chose to be borned in a manger
Jesus is full of grace and truth
God wants the glory to go to his son
Grace produces divine influence, produces empowerment
Grace and truth is one
V18 grace for (anti – in place of) grace
Romans 11:6
2 Cor 9:8 God is able (present active indicative – dunamis) to make
God is continuously enabling all grace to abound towards me and that me always have sufficiency in all things,
God gives me all sufficiency so I have favor to bless people
Grace makes me all sufficient
Preach more about prosperity and I will prosper
Open up my heart and receive all grace and his blessings
God rushes to bless me
Open up my spiritual eyes and see how God is blessing me
Hebrews 11 Faith substantiates what’s real in my life – in eternal realm
2 Cor 4 Visible is temporal, invisible is eternal
See grace first and speak STRETCH FORTH UR HAND!
Have a BIG spirit
2 Cor 9:7-9 God loves a cheerful giver
All that I say prospers
There is more healing in my body right than i realize
The best food from God’s word
Luke 15:28-32 Father is a picture of God
I’m in grace of God, cos I thank the Lord always
Trangress is sin
When people are angry or resentful, there is no love of God
The way i see God will show in how I use my money
Parables of 5 talents, talents here is money
Master is a picture of Jesus
Matt 25:24 The last guy was afraid because he sees the boss as hard man
How I see God is how I receive from God
John 6:8-9,11
What am I conscious of? Needs or provision
What are these needs as compared to the abundance of grace
Jesus gave thanks to God. Thank you father for so much grace favor
John 6:23
Eph 3:20 power (dunamis) work (energio)

God does a new thing – Ps. Lian

God is doing amazing miracles and mighty works in our ministry
There are things happening in our spiritual realm
Isaiah 43:16-19 God will do a new thing in my life, uniquely for me
In order for the new to happen, I need to let go of the old
WAKE UP! don’t be used to the same old
Where Jesus is, life always causes growth
God will make a road in my wilderness
Isaiah 40:31 I will mount up like eagles
2 Cor 12:9-10 My grace is sufficient for you
Gen 39:2-4 Joseph pressed in and persevere
Lord I believe I am successful today and I know you will prosper me
God’s glory is His goodness
Wait – qavah (kaw vaw)
Hei vav koof
A primitive root; to bind together


Throne of grace is the new and living way
Before I do anything or undertake anything, go to Throne of Grace
When I fail, go to Jesus, the blood cleanses all
David and Jonathan are blood brothers, joint their wrist together
Both fought the 21 philistines
Marriage is one flesh, one covenant
When God cut a covenant with man, God gives all to me
All of God has, grace, mercy and His anointing and blessings is mine
Jonathan son is Memphibosheth which means to bring out shame
He was dropped when young and became lame
Servant hide him in lodebar (no garden, no word)
After Jonathan died, David asked if any of Jonathan descedants live
Memphiboshef was found
It’s a symbolism of how God wanna release his blessings to us
God sent his son to make a new covenant with the human race
God knew Abraham could not keep with the covenant and hence couldn’t go thru the animal
God uses the pillar of fire (Jesus) to speak to Abraham in his sleep
Abraham is the sleeping partner!
2 Sam 9:1-7 David first words to Memphibosheth is don’t be afraid
Because of Jonathan sake
God is speaking loud and clear. He is showing kindness to me for Jesus
David wants him to eat and eat and eat
God wants me to eat and receive God’s word from him too!!
Eating from the lamb of God – Jesus
Melchezidek brought bread and wine (discern holy comm) to Abraham
The bread was made from wheat, pounded like Jesus did
The wine was grapes, plucked, trampled, beating, stepped on
Don’t look at neighbors weakness, everyone is lame and has sin
God commands servants and I’m his son, He speaks grace to me
Perfect grace will serve me all the days of my life
When son of God becomes servant, there is glory there
The approval of my heavenly will cause me to reign in life
I am the beloved son, who God is well pleased
I don’t have to perform to try to become or get approval
I am a beloved child of God
Matt 27:36-43 Doubts will come, but my trust is in God
Psalm 22:1 Christ the cross. He took our place ‘worm’
So we can become Man. Take up my place
Romans 6:14 Sin – not just wrong things

Battlefield of the mind

Romans 1:16-17 I am not ashamed by the Gospel of Christ, the righteous just shall live by faith
2 Cor 10:3-6 our weapons are good for pull down strongholds
Where are these stronghold? In my mind
God wants me to bring every thot into captivity to the obedience of Christ
Why do people not experience trials and challenges, bcos they are ‘dead’
We are attacked because we have life in Christ
Romans 5:19 By Adam’s fall, we are made sinners
By Jesus, we are made righteous
Christ obedience made us righteous
I am a spirit. I have a soul. I live in a body
People live to build their body and mind
I build my spirit
Romans 7 Paul differentiate the I and the sin. It is the sin and not him
If my soul prosper, my health prosper. Be in health
Romans 10:2-4 Jews have a zeal for God but not to the knowledge of God
They try to establish their own righteousness, God calls it ignorant
I am empowered cos God calls me I am the beloved son
I know I am God’s beloved
John knew and boasted of God’s love (agape) for him
2 Cor 11:2-4 A different gospel brings a different spirit
Matt 6:25 Take no thought saying
1 Thess 5:8 Helmet of Hope of salvation
Hope is elpis – Confident expectation of good
Exodus 28:36-38 Holiness to the Lord on the mitre of the high priest
The words is always on the forehead of the high priest that we are accepted in the Lord
Now the high priest is Jesus