27 Apr’13 – Ps. Prince

Angels protect me
The more Jesus I see, the more shalom and peace I have
I won’t notice but I have changed from glory to glory
God gave me free choice and for He knew how I will use my choice, hence..
That’s why God pre destined me!
Hence when I am saved, my life path is set for greatness by God
God says grace and peace be multiplied into me
When I feel like blessing everyone on the street, I am feeling shalom
When I’m tired or feeling blair! That’s not shalom
A picture of good shepherd
Psalm 23 – study and I’m healed! Speaks of shalom peace and rest
Psalm 22 speaks of Jesus Christ on the cross suffering
Psalm 24 speaks of Jesus coming again
I am in Psalm 23
I will not lack
John 10:10-11 thieves are the Pharisee. If I’m not careful, people can rob me of my peace
Lay down = rest
Green pastures = food
Song of Song = love of Christ
If there is lack of love, is because there is a lack of understanding of the love of Christ
Solomon, Shepherd king, loves the shulamite woman and she’s faithful and loyal to him – love of Christ
Song of song has 7 depictions of Christ
1. Shepherd and his flock
2. King at his table – Holy comm
3. Merchant man and his fragrance
4. Gardener and his garden – beautiful life
5. Bridegroom and His bride – 10 fold description of Jesus. His physical beauty
6. The lover and His beloved
7. The Lord of His vineyard
Shulamite is female version of Solomon
7 signs in John
1. Lord of time – compress time
2. Lord of space – healing of noble man son. But Jesus wasn’t with him. Jesus healed him remotely
3. Lord of matter – 5 loaves and 2 fishes

When I come to Jesus, I don’t need to worry about natural things or resources
God loves me despite of my sins
Song of Songs 1:7-8 Follow in the footsteps of the flock and you will be fed
We move in flock, the left alone sheep will be attacked
Hungry sheep is always around
Feed a sheep whenever I can
Real heavenly life is one who can do anything like washing people feet or simple things, opposite of proud
Isaiah 40:11 4 fold ministry of Jesus
Bread is lechem
Lachem – fight, feed
Best way to fight the enemy is to sit at Jesus feet and eat!
Luke 11:11-13
Who so looketh, who shall liveth
Faith is the simplest thing
What cause the snake to break through? The mana is a picture of heavenly food! But they detest the food hence the snake came
1. Bread is Jesus Himself, expounding on Christ!
Negative: stone
2. Fish is always moving, practical application
Negative: Snake, poison in mouth. Words of enemy
Bread and fish – go together. Enjoy His love
Ephesians 1st 3 chaps is bread. Last 3 chaps is fish!
Eat fish cos it has fins to run away
God moves (brood) on the water in Genesis. Brood is like a loving mother act of loving the child
3. Egg
Negative: scorpion. Poison is the tail. The end they say something that spoils
Children who grow up corrected will grow up strong and well. Without discipline, the children will suffer

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