Unceasing fruitfulness – Part 1

Jer 17:5-8 God is good and generous as the good comes all the time
Good comes all the time, but he or she cannot see it
Inhabit means dwell in inhabited parched place where nobody wanna be
First men here is geber which means strong man, trusting in Lord
Second man is Adam which has fallen, trusting in man
Good comes to cursed man as well
v7 Blessed is a man who trust is in the Lord. Geber means strong man
I will not see when heat comes here as I’m in the waters of river of life, garrison by Jesus, like trees planted by river by living water
In this year of drought, I will not need to be careful (worried) in this famine. In fact my leaf will be ever green and I will not stop yielding fruit, there is results
Works is the outcome of effort
Fruit is the outflow of life
No need to worry about fruits, just ensure the conditions are met, fruits will come forth
God wants me to be fruitful
Ever green means never go grow
My leaf is green and I will always bear fruit in every area
11 is a number of disorganization
12 is a number of God organization
Psalm 1:1-3 (KJV)
Christians. I can be blessed in every area
Law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul
Blessed man delights in the word of the Lord and mediate (hagah) on it day and night. I shall be a tree planted by rivers of living water and leaf shall not wither
Mediate – hagah (grace, camel or transport, grace) – mediate, mutter. Use my mouth
What is leaf here? Rev 22:2 leaves of the tree is for healing of nations.
12 manner of fruit and every month will be a different surprise fruit!!
The leaves are not for heaven, it is stored in heaven bank for nations
My health is ever green
Joshua 1:8 I shall mediate the word of God day and night
Mediate on Psalm 23 – everything prosper in my life

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