Condemnation is removed

5 years ago mid week sermon
Season of evil day (singular) is short
But good days are plural, I will enjoy BESTEST days ahead
I will put on the armor of God during the evil day and I will be safe
Things and prayers can go wrong during stressful times
Power to resist is to know I’m not the only one
Other people are being attacked as well
Utilize the power of fellowship
Fear leads to stress, the deeper root is condemnation
Once I know my identity and beloved of most high
I will know what I’m doing and will dwell in His grace
Remove all the buttons (areas) I’m being attacked
Law was given to show man his sin, to condemn man
Law is the deeper root than sin
It’s also to let man come to end of himself so grace can come in
1 Cor 15:36 sting of death is sin, strength (root) of sin is law
Remove the law and it will remove the sting of sin
People who are attacked often have a sincere heart
The reason why I will feel condemn because I have a good heart
Romans 8:1 There is no condemnation for me in Christ Jesus
Rev 12:10-11 Accuser will accuse day and night
Cast him down and power of Christ, strength, salvation will come
They overcome him by the blood
Fear and stress can be felt, condemnation goes undetected
The attacker has no other weapon than condemnation
I have assurance of Romans 8:1. It is a gift from God to me
What I think (feel) of God is what will manifest in my life
I know God loves me, which gives me strength to love others
In order to be used by God mightily, be in a place of no condemnation
When God forgives and forget, I better too! Praise Jesus..

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