5 Aug’12 – Ps. Prince

Putting Jesus first
He is the fulcrum that makes the entire wheel move
When Jesus say follow me, take up the cross, it does not mean deny all
Romans 6:1-3
The word disciple was used 200 times in the gospels
In Acts, it was used 30 times
Act 21:16
The king’s word has power
God wants to call him our father
Romans 5:20-21 Where sin abounded (plenazo)
John 8:10-12 When I receive no condemnation will sin no more
V12 simply cannot walk in darkness
Shall not (ou me)
Gen 30 Rachel says Lord has taken away reproach (kherpah)
1 Sam 17:26
Romans 6:6-18 once (ephanax) once for all
How can I live wrongly when I believe wrong
Likewise in the same manner
Reckon – logizomai
1 Peter 2:24

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