19 Aug’12 – Miracle Seed

Deu 8:18 In the old testament, we cannot give to Jesus personally
God gave Noah a rainbow for no more judgement
It’s a privilege for me to give the seed
God blesses my seed to get wealth
It’s the love for money that is the issue
Look to Jesus directly
Romans 6:19-23 Died to sin one and for all
Because of what happen to Christ, I am to logisomine
Jesus died to sins of curse and guilt
Jesus Himself did no sin
Blessed assurance is my security in Christ
When there’s a safety net, people will perform
God wants me to be saved forever
God will restore the years the locust had eaten
He will restore health and happiness to me
When I’m under grace, sin has no dominion over me
It’s by Jesus righteousness. I am righteousness
Romans 5:17-19 Righteousness is gift I receive and abundance of God grace
I reign in life
Romans 5:19 By one man obedience, I am righteous
Are you under Adam or under Christ?
Bring my thoughts into captivity of Christ
I cannot undo my righteousness cos I can’t undo the sin
The seed of the righteous is powerful
Prayer of the righteous avails much
Romans 13:1 Honor the authority, for they are appointed by God
Touch not the Lord’s anointed
When I give honor, my dignity is elevated
Submission releases favor
Romans 16:25-26 God appointed Paul to reveal it
Its revealed to all nations – obedience of
Gal 2:11-16 KJV
Hypocrisy is acting under bondage when under grace
V14 they walked (orthopodio) not uprightly according to the truth
I walk uprightly by believing the truth and the gospel
Believe the gospel everyday

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