Throne of grace is the new and living way
Before I do anything or undertake anything, go to Throne of Grace
When I fail, go to Jesus, the blood cleanses all
David and Jonathan are blood brothers, joint their wrist together
Both fought the 21 philistines
Marriage is one flesh, one covenant
When God cut a covenant with man, God gives all to me
All of God has, grace, mercy and His anointing and blessings is mine
Jonathan son is Memphibosheth which means to bring out shame
He was dropped when young and became lame
Servant hide him in lodebar (no garden, no word)
After Jonathan died, David asked if any of Jonathan descedants live
Memphiboshef was found
It’s a symbolism of how God wanna release his blessings to us
God sent his son to make a new covenant with the human race
God knew Abraham could not keep with the covenant and hence couldn’t go thru the animal
God uses the pillar of fire (Jesus) to speak to Abraham in his sleep
Abraham is the sleeping partner!
2 Sam 9:1-7 David first words to Memphibosheth is don’t be afraid
Because of Jonathan sake
God is speaking loud and clear. He is showing kindness to me for Jesus
David wants him to eat and eat and eat
God wants me to eat and receive God’s word from him too!!
Eating from the lamb of God – Jesus
Melchezidek brought bread and wine (discern holy comm) to Abraham
The bread was made from wheat, pounded like Jesus did
The wine was grapes, plucked, trampled, beating, stepped on
Don’t look at neighbors weakness, everyone is lame and has sin
God commands servants and I’m his son, He speaks grace to me
Perfect grace will serve me all the days of my life
When son of God becomes servant, there is glory there
The approval of my heavenly will cause me to reign in life
I am the beloved son, who God is well pleased
I don’t have to perform to try to become or get approval
I am a beloved child of God
Matt 27:36-43 Doubts will come, but my trust is in God
Psalm 22:1 Christ the cross. He took our place ‘worm’
So we can become Man. Take up my place
Romans 6:14 Sin – not just wrong things

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