God does a new thing – Ps. Lian

God is doing amazing miracles and mighty works in our ministry
There are things happening in our spiritual realm
Isaiah 43:16-19 God will do a new thing in my life, uniquely for me
In order for the new to happen, I need to let go of the old
WAKE UP! don’t be used to the same old
Where Jesus is, life always causes growth
God will make a road in my wilderness
Isaiah 40:31 I will mount up like eagles
2 Cor 12:9-10 My grace is sufficient for you
Gen 39:2-4 Joseph pressed in and persevere
Lord I believe I am successful today and I know you will prosper me
God’s glory is His goodness
Wait – qavah (kaw vaw)
Hei vav koof
A primitive root; to bind together

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