God’s Goodness – Ps. Prince

John 1:14-17 Jesus chose to be borned in a manger
Jesus is full of grace and truth
God wants the glory to go to his son
Grace produces divine influence, produces empowerment
Grace and truth is one
V18 grace for (anti – in place of) grace
Romans 11:6
2 Cor 9:8 God is able (present active indicative – dunamis) to make
God is continuously enabling all grace to abound towards me and that me always have sufficiency in all things,
God gives me all sufficiency so I have favor to bless people
Grace makes me all sufficient
Preach more about prosperity and I will prosper
Open up my heart and receive all grace and his blessings
God rushes to bless me
Open up my spiritual eyes and see how God is blessing me
Hebrews 11 Faith substantiates what’s real in my life – in eternal realm
2 Cor 4 Visible is temporal, invisible is eternal
See grace first and speak STRETCH FORTH UR HAND!
Have a BIG spirit
2 Cor 9:7-9 God loves a cheerful giver
All that I say prospers
There is more healing in my body right than i realize
The best food from God’s word
Luke 15:28-32 Father is a picture of God
I’m in grace of God, cos I thank the Lord always
Trangress is sin
When people are angry or resentful, there is no love of God
The way i see God will show in how I use my money
Parables of 5 talents, talents here is money
Master is a picture of Jesus
Matt 25:24 The last guy was afraid because he sees the boss as hard man
How I see God is how I receive from God
John 6:8-9,11
What am I conscious of? Needs or provision
What are these needs as compared to the abundance of grace
Jesus gave thanks to God. Thank you father for so much grace favor
John 6:23
Eph 3:20 power (dunamis) work (energio)

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