Goodness of God – Ps. Prince

Gold is still going up, not all time high yet
The word is not the experts but for the fishermens, tax collectors and least
Where is all goodness found? In His house
Goodness is like a shield for me, offense and defense (protection)
My faith must not be in visions or dreams, but be in the word
When we see bad things happening in the world, don’t be affected
True Holiness is love joy peace
Never judge my performance by my standing
Judge my performance by His finished work
I have the gift of righteousness, gives me internal external right standing
1 John 1:5-10
Romans 10:9 James 1:1Gal 2:9
Peter James John is for the Jewish people
Colnonia is fellowship
God is light and God is love
V6 the error is “if” we walk in the light
It is not about how we walk but where we walking
Behavior is important to only glorify Jesus
1 Thess 5:5 I am a son of light
John 8:7-12 Jesus wrote on stone to tell them that He gave the law
When people understand there is no condemnation, they will sin no more
The place of no condemnation is a place of light
The light shows the power of the sin remover
When believers don’t fellowship is because they feel they are not in light
Speak forth and be vulnerable to fellowship
1 John 1:9 is for believer. I believe it!
1 John 1:7 cleanse (present active indicative tenses)
God put me in waterfall of blood to cleanse my sins
Like a river of glorious hymn – Francis Abigail
When I know grace, it will make sin lesser
Metanoia is repentance, changing of mindset
Repenting of mind is always happening when we hear the word, truth
The LORD look at Peter first and forgive him first
We are loved and forgiven first
Blessings came first

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