Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation of Jesus – Ps. Lian

God meant us to live a life of power
Something in me wants to live a powerful life
What is the key? Eph 1
Eph 1:15-21 Paul prayed that Lord Jesus Christ gives us the spirit of wisdom and revelation of Jesus
Spirit of wisdom and revelation. See Jesus!
My eyes will be enlightened, I will know my calling
I will know what to do and how to walk in my calling
I will know the riches of my glory in my inheritance
Wisdom, righteousness and favor is my inheritance
How do I respond to God blessings? Not familiarity
A revelation is when I hear and my heart responds
When my mind gets dusty, and when it is cleared, I see it
Knowledge is epiginosko is a participation in a thing known
So when I have a revelation,  Jesus is involved
John 8:32 indicates that I shall ginosko the truth, a general knowledge
By contrast, 1 Tim 4:3 speaks and believe and epiginosko the truth
The knowledge having led to belief, that fully unites the subject with the object
During healing of laying of hands, I see Jesus laying hands instead of me
I see Jesus in my situation, allow Jesus in my situation, power will flow
Walk in the power of Jesus. It’s not about me, it’s Jesus doing it
Holy spirit will teach me all things
I will know the hope of my calling
Everything that God does is through His word
Get His word!! Meditate His word, align my thoughts to His thoughts
Meditate is hagah. Hebrew word says grace transports grace
God is reminding afresh on meditation

1. Involve Jesus in my situation
2. Renew my mind, and remind myself
3. Restoration. Let God unleash His restoration to me

Joel 2:23-27 Word of season! Meditate on this!
Exodus 22:1,9

King Joash story
Joash means God has bestowed

Daily speaking forth:
1. Jesus is the high priest of my confession so I hit the mark every time
2. I am under grace. I can expect good even when I am in trouble of my own making
3. The blood of Jesus has cleansed me of all my sins, nothing stands in my way from receiving heaven’s best
4. I let go of every fear and attempt to depend on myself, and let supply flow into my area of need

God does a new thing – Ps. Lian

God is doing amazing miracles and mighty works in our ministry
There are things happening in our spiritual realm
Isaiah 43:16-19 God will do a new thing in my life, uniquely for me
In order for the new to happen, I need to let go of the old
WAKE UP! don’t be used to the same old
Where Jesus is, life always causes growth
God will make a road in my wilderness
Isaiah 40:31 I will mount up like eagles
2 Cor 12:9-10 My grace is sufficient for you
Gen 39:2-4 Joseph pressed in and persevere
Lord I believe I am successful today and I know you will prosper me
God’s glory is His goodness
Wait – qavah (kaw vaw)
Hei vav koof
A primitive root; to bind together